Commissioned work - Cabinet pictures

A close up of one of the cabinets, all the profiles are custom made.

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All three cabinets in a row. Everything is made of FSC certified sustainable wood. The drawers are made with wooden drawer slides and double sliding slats.
Everything is painted with water based environmentally friendly chalk paint without additives. A more sleek design with water based lacquer is a possibility as well.

I was asked to take pictures of cabinets by Dick Wisselink Klus en timmerbedrijf. He is a cabinet maker and carpenter from Haarlem and he makes wooden furniture by hand at the request. He has a lot of experience working with wood and he can easily adept to different styles or desires.

It was easy working with him, he was clear in what he wanted and i got the time to shoot the pictures. It was interesting for me to take pictures of cabinets, it was something i had not done before. During the process i learned more about lighting, about colour consistency and how to surrounding influence pictures like this. In the end we are both happy with the results and for the next assignment I can take my newly gained knowledge with me.

If you want to know more about what Dick Wisselink makes and does, check out his website and facebook page.

The Netherlands

Away in Portugal

Typical Portuguese tiles, called azulejos, with an open door. You can see these azulejos throughout the country, one of there functions used to be the control of temperature inside.

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A small greengrocer named Rui das Frutas Frescas on a corner of Rua da Constituição in Porto. In Portugal it is quite common to buy your fruits and vegetables in a shop like this. Rua de Santa Cruz do Castelo is one of the many alleys in the Alfama district of Lisbon. In this district there are a lot of old houses that are build on a steep slope, this gives Alfama a labyrinth like appearance. Nice light fall on a house in a courtyard. It may not be the most romantic picture but the rust and the aged paint in combination with the ivy gives it an atmosphere that represents Portugal very well.

This summer, 2016, I went away to Portugal for a few weeks. I traveled together with Mathilde Baillarger through the country and we learned a little about the Portuguese culture. We went to some major cities, drove through the countryside and enjoyed the hospitality of the locals. During this time I tried to photograph Portugal as I saw it. Without any restrictions or obligations I tried to create interesting pictures and some of those pictures I’d like to share with you. Maybe I’ll show you some more in the not so distant future.

The Netherlands

Gee Up, a story about William (music by Kindness)

Gee up is a story about a guy, William, who recently broke up with his girlfriend. In an ultimate attempt to rediscover his joy in life he starts to drink at a local bar. While he’s getting wasted he starts to feel even more depressed about the whole situations. The moment he left the bar he doesn't care about life anymore, only he and his bottle are left. After a while he disappears in the distance, probably to never be seen again.

Directed by Pim Wisselink
Written by Thomas van der Fange, Laurens Kruse and Pim Wisselink
Music: Gee Up by Kindness

The Netherlands

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